Next Meditation Class

Friday Nov 18, 2016 7 PM SoQi Inservice with Peter Poon. Learn About the Chi Machine Far Infra Red, Hot House, and the SOQI Bed. All products will be available to try.

About us

????????O2xy-wellness is proud to be 100% locally owned and operated.   We are dedicated to providing healthcare in both traditional and non-traditional forms.  We have strong clinical backgrounds in healthcare and feel there is a place to augment traditional therapy with complimentary modalities.  This endeavour is a lifelong dream to become leaders in our field and truly provide our clients with techniques and therapy that will improve all aspects of every- day life.

Our style can be summed up in one of our clients statements when she was trying to describe o2xy-wellness to a friend:  her statement,  “it’s like they actually care about what they are doing for me”  accurately describes our  philosophy.  We do care about what we do and are passionate in our desire to help.