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Julies Testimonial
My name is Julie. I have had M.S. since 1991. I haven’t been able to walk for two years but I am determined to get back up on my own legs and feet and walk again if at all possible. My mom and husband told me about hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy, that it has helped others who have MS so I agreed to try it.

I didn’t really expect anything to happen at first but after a few treatments I began to feel a little stronger and even took a few steps while supported. After each week of treatments I was able to walk a little further. I also began to be able to do more with my hands too and my speech is better.
Al and Chris were kind, caring, and professional. They were also very interested in my progress and very helpful .They celebrated my successes too. I recommend O2xyWellness to others with neurologic disorders.

Judith’s Testimonial
I am Julie’s mother. I have been living in her home for 7 years to help her since her MS has progressed to the point where she can’t manage by herself. Julie has had to give up her job, her car, her hopes of having children, her independence and much of her dignity. It was a sad day for us when she took her last steps two years ago.

We talked over the various possibilities to help Julie in her quest to be able to walk again. We do plan to take her for the CCSVI “liberation” treatment soon but in the meantime, we decided to give hyperbaric oxygen therapy a try.

I have seen quite a bit of improvement in Julie’s condition overall: her mental clarity, involvement in conversation, manual dexterity and best of all, her hopefullness and positive attitude. After just the first treatment her painful leg spasms stopped as did her painful heel. Seeing her up on her feet and moving those feet was extremely encouraging. It gave us all great joy and hope that she will actually be able to walk again. Even her physiotherapists are noticing her improved attitude and are participating in our hope for improvements.

It has been a very positive experience working with Al and Chris at O2xyWellness. Al really knows his business and Chris, as an RN, has gone the extra mile to get Julie’s legs strengthened up – they both have. So thank you so very much Al and Chris. You are the finest kind of people and are honestly trying to help people who are suffering.

God bless you both.
Julie & Judith


I am Brett Boutellier and I experience a severe brain injury from being ejected from a pickup truck. I required a Stars Helicoptor to an Edmonton hospital to awake from my coma, and once I did I was a rude, impatient, trouble maker with a short memory of my actions who caused pain and suffering to my family and co-workers. Once I began attending treatments, I began to reveal a smile and joy as I did prior to my accident. Thankfully as well as fortunately my parents were informed of the healing qualities of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and luckily O2xy Wellness had opened in Red Deer, a short drive from my employment, not to mention the improved desire and quality of my ability to remember an important piece of information. I must also note the, patience I display now is quite near where it was in my school days, which I am unbeleivebly happy to say considering my presence now brings some joy to my family or co-workers. I aswell display a much more respectful nature and attitude which has helped my stature at work, not to mention my friendship and some icing on with wonderful slice of cake I have experienced for 40 hours, is the fact that my infections I receive at work pouring concrete are few and far in between now.

Brett Bouteiller (click here for original .pdf)
Red Deer

Before Brett started his treatments, he could be a moody person with a very quick temper. Brett would lose his cool if you asked him for help if he was doing something. All in all, he is great to work with now. His attitude is amazing and he seems a lot happier to me. He had a hard time with people trying to help him. He can remember how to do things, but is unable to do them.

Once he started taking the oxygen therapy, I noticed he started to have an improved attitude and seemed much happier. He started to have more ambition in doing things. He was becoming easier to help when he was having trouble.

After around 10 treatments he mentioned he felt there was a fog lifting from his mind. He seemed to begin to understand and take in information easier and without temper.

There was a lot of benefit to his overall health as well. He has a lot more energy and drive to do things. His overall happiness is greather than before. The value we have seen in Brett’s improvements outweigh the costs we put out.

Peter & Sylvia Boutieller (click here for original .pdf)


Since beginning treatment in spring I have started to notice a difference in Brett’s attitude and willingness to work with others. It seemed that during the treatments there was a breif period when Brett had a tough time at work, which may have been caused by other things in his life. Brett’s overall happiness and attitude I beleive has greatly increased.

Colin Bazinski (click here for original .pdf)
Foreman, 7 years


Brett Bouteiller is almost like a completely different person since he has been going into the hyper-baric chamber. He is normally happy in the morning and maintains that positive attitude all day. In previous years, he would have at least 5-10 mood swings in a work day. Also, when he is asked to help someone he has no problem with it, whereas, in years before he would lose his cool if you asked him for help if he was doing something. All in all, he is great to work with now. His attitude is amazing and he seems a lot happier to me.

Richard Adams (click here for original .pdf)
7 years


Regarding the hyperbaric treatments my father received at o2xy-Wellness.

I had researched oxygen therapy for the treatment of victims of stroke for several months and was convinced it was the correct approach when I ran across an ad for the o2xy-wellness clinic. My father had suffered a stroke in 2008 which affected his mobility and confined him a majority of time to a wheelchair. Due to lack of mobility; he started having acute circulation issues in his lower extremities.

My research indicated that many patients saw a marked improvement in their condition after as few as 40 treatments. After speaking with Al; we decided to proceed with therapy and my father started receiving his 40 treatments late in 2011. By the time half the sessions were complete; I noticed a significant improvement in his circulation, with swelling in his feet virtually eliminated. I also noticed an improvement in overall skin color in his face and arms which indicated an increase in oxygen throughout his body. Staff at the clinic remarked to me about his significant improvement in his ability to transfer himself from his chair to the hyperbaric chamber which requires a good measure of core strength. My father still struggles with his walking due in part to an unrelated knee injury; however l have noticed an overall increase in his body strength and wellness in the six months since completing his treatments.
The professionalism exhibited by both Al and Chris was exceptional. They both took a genuine interest in my father’s health and were very accommodating in his needs both during and after his treatments. Our overall experience at o2xy-wellness was terrific and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking oxygen therapy. I believe we are extremely fortunate in Central Alberta to have these resources in our back yard.

Rick Splett
Sylvan Lake, Alberta


This letter is for the expressed use of O2xy-Wellness only.

I had just tried the air chamber once before, and felt better afterwards. The next time I used it, when I had a bad migraine like headache, I called in, and luckily for me there was an opening, and in about 20 minutes could feel the relief from being in the oxygen chamber, and when I was done the headache was gone!

I have recommended many of my friends to o2xy-wellness, to give it a try, because it works for me!

Thanks Again O2xy-Wellness!

Karla Freeman
Bentley, Alberta


I spent an hour in the hyperbaric chamber after travelling and suffering from jetlag. I came out feeling more energetic and refreshed than ever. The tired, dragging feeling that I usually feel for a few days after flying was completely gone. As well as the medical reasons for using the hyperbaric chamber, I would recommend it for general all around wellness.

Rita Hoff